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Early Learning Lead Evaluator Training

Ended Jul 1, 2022

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Access to the course requires completion of a volunteer profile. This course is designed to prepare you to be a Lead Evaluator for Cognia Engagement Review Teams.Cognia's Lead Evaluator specialty course, Early Learning Lead Evaluator Training, provides foundation, knowledge, and skills for effective implementation of the essential expectations required to succeed as an early learning Lead Evaluator for Cognia.  The modules will provide potential early learning Lead Evaluators with information and skills needed to lead early learning school Engagement Reviews and to serve as an early learning team member for a School or System Review with early learning schools or preschool programs. Completion of this specialty area content in addition to the Early Learning Team Member Training are the first steps to become a credentialed Early Learning Lead Evaluator for Cognia. The last component is a required in-person training delivered in person or via webinar, covering additional content specific to early learning Engagement Reviews.

The online course is self-paced, but there are assessments that must be successfully completed. Please understand that you will need to successfully complete this course before you can attend the in-person portion of the certification. You will also have to successfully complete the in-person portion of the certification process before serving as an Cognia Lead Evaluator for any early learning Engagement Reviews.