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International Readiness Review 21-22 is a Course

International Readiness Review 21-22



Full course description

Course Description

This course is designed to help you prepare for a Cognia Readiness Review.

Course Aims and Outcomes: 

The course will provide you with an understanding of the Readiness Review  process and the diagnostic you will use. You will also learn to use Cognia's Online Improvement Platform and how to prepare for the Review.

Overall Learning Targets:

By the end of this course, you will:

  1. Describe the purposes and outcomes of the Readiness Review
  2. Interpret the Standards and Key Concepts
  3. Complete the Readiness Review Diagnostic for International Schools
  4. Identify appropriate information that you will present to the Readiness Review team in workspace™ regardless if they are On-site or Online 
  5. Prepare and plan for the On-site or Online review

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