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Team Member Certification 2022-2023 is a Course

Team Member Certification 2022-2023



Full course description

This course is designed to provide training for individuals like you who have agreed to serve on an CogniaTM Engagement Review Team.  The course is available to complete anytime and anywhere; you make the determination as to what is most convenient for your schedule.  The course consists of four sessions related to the learning objectives for this course outlined below.  Learning activities contained within the sessions are designed to engage you in examples and activities specific to the Cognia Accreditation Engagement Review process.

Overall Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course, you will be able to demonstrate that you can be an effective Accreditation Engagement Review Team Member by:

  • Using your knowledge and skills to collect and review evidence about an institution for accreditation purposes
  • Applying your knowledge and skills to evaluate the degree to which an institution meets Cognia Accreditation Performance Standards
  • Using Cognia tools effectively during the accreditation process
  • Understanding and agreeing to abide fully by the Code of Ethics

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